Real Estate Photography Course Dates TBC

Day1 9.30am-7.00pm (Twilight Shoot)

  • Meet & greet introduce everybody.
  • Talk about the fundamentals of Real Estate Photography, what should you charge, what you can offer your client, the quality of your work and fast turnaround time for your client.
  • Knowing your camera on the manual setting, knowing how to adjust your camera to the conditions that you have to photograph in e.g. twilight photography, low light conditions, water features & moving subjects.
  • Knowing what you need to take with you to a photography shoot.
  • Knowing how to present yourself and your business and how to communicate with the client to achieve the best from the shoot.
  • Knowing what are the best angles of the property to photograph, and to know which best features of the property should be photographed.
  • The importance of knowing the direction of which the property is facing to achieve the best possible image.
  • Knowing techniques on how to reduce flash reflection in photographs.
  • The understanding of turning all lights on and opening all windows to allow light and colour in the image.
  • Photography techniques for pools, water features, fountains etc.
  • Photographing through glass, how to avoid too much reflection.
  • When to arrange less in the image to create a streamline effect, while understanding how much should be in the photograph and remove items when not needed avoiding the image looking cluttered.
  • Preparing a property for a shoot.
  • Photographing in confined spaces, knowing how to capture the best image. Using techniques of the camera and positioning.
  • Photographing in low light conditions or shaded areas, using photo merging techniques using Photo-Shop.
  • Understanding Photo-Shop to achieve level, bright, colourful and sharp images.
  • Learning ISO speeds and shutter speeds.
  • Finish day 1 with a practical tuition on a twilight photography shoot, will be hands on for all.

Day 2 9.30am-4.30pm

  • Put away your pencils & paper, Hands on with camera’s, photographing actual properties, learning angles, camera techniques, lighting & all of the good stuff.
  • Photographing interior & exteriors.
  • Learning how to control light.
  • Learning how to balance interior & exterior light, with the help from Photo-Shop.
  • Learning about lens perspective overview & depth of field.
  • Learning the importance about direction of light.
  • Finishing off with a well earned & deserved BBQ.

Course Details:

Date & Time: TBC (Sat & Sun) Start Time: 9.30am

Meeting Location: ( Full details will be given on receipt)

*Price: $ 600 GST Inclusive
What to bring: Your SLR camera & accessories, Pen & Paper, Laptop to take notes & as well, If you have Photo-Shop installed, it will help you get familiar with it & work on your images. Detailed resource notes will be given.

This course can be customised to suit specific requests from the participants and we reserve the right to mix around the course content subject to the prevailing lighting and weather conditions. *Payment must be paid in full prior to commencement of the course, to secure your position.

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